Are you able to cry on demand, or do you just look down right amazing in black? Then take a peek at the life of a professional mourner and other weird jobs you might not be aware of.

Since the dawn of the interweb, people have been getting more and more socially adventurous, and jobs have simply been getting weirder and weirder. The average human seems to be totally bored by the usual 9-5 when there are so many shiny new things to do popping up online each day. So, if you haven't quite found that perfect career yet, maybe you need to take a dive into the totally abstract world of the 8 weirdest jobs you can apply for online.


1.  Professional Cuddler

Yes, you read that right. You can now get paid to simply lay in the arms of another, and the pay’s not bad either! Snuggling up to a lonely stranger can earn you around $60 an hour, and requires nothing more than a very strict ‘no emotions’ policy. You can begin working as a professional cuddler by placing ads online, or, you can apply to work with the ‘mother of snuggles’ herself, Samantha Hess.


2. Dog Food Taster

So, before those lovely little K9s get their jaws around that lovely kibble, you have to try it out first. This job is definitely not for the weak stomached of you out there, but the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping out our little furry friends is a good enough reason right? Tasters will test the quality, taste and nutritional value of the dog food, and yes… you may spit it out after!


3. Fake Facebook Friender

Oh the world of Facebook, where anything is possible, even buying fake girlfriends, fake friends and fake likes… Well, if the need’s there why not roll with it? You can earn a great wage by simply making a fake Facebook profile and posing as someones significant other, as their friend, as a customer of a company, or simply to hand out likes and good reviews. You’ll be surprised what people will do for a good online profile these days.


4. Nail Polish Namer

Calling all those beautifully preened and proper ladies out there, finally a job that will fulfil your girly needs! Have you ever stood in a cosmetics aisle, looking at the nail polish, thinking “who the hell would call this lovely shade of beige ‘Dirty Slut’? A professional nail polish namer, that’s who. If you have a creative flare and a passion for polish, then do all us girls a favour, and become a nail polish namer.


5. Armpit Sniffer

Ok, so this profession is actually called Odour Tester, but I couldn't resist. These nasally forward people get paid to literally smell people’s armpits and clothing every day, in order to test new deodorants before they hit the market. If you have a very strong gag reflex, then I would suggest steering clear of this one.


6. Horrifying Stunt Tester

Have you ever seen shows like ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here’, and thought, “how do they know they won’t die”? That’s because of the brave and gallant Stunt Testers. These poor souls have to eat those disgusting bugs, throw themselves off those gigantic cliffs and ride through that crocodile infested water, just to make sure it’s safe for our precious celebs. If you’re addicted to adrenaline and creepy crawlies, this could be your next career move!


7. Professional Mourner

Are you able to cry on demand, or do you just look down right amazing in black? Then take a peek at the life of a professional mourner. These extremely sympathetic workers get paid around $70 for standing at a funeral and looking sad for two hours. So, think about a bad breakup or a deceased pet and get on out there!


8. Snake Milker

No, snakes don't have udders, and no, you won’t be in a cute little milk maid costume… snake milkers actually have a pretty hardcore job! The venom is extracted from some of the worlds most deadly snakes, and is sold for research or to make anti-venom for hospitals. A tiny one gram vial of this good stuff can fetch you $1,000 dollars. Not too shabby.


Do you have a weird and wonderful job? Let us know what it is in the comments below!