Dating Tips: How to Read Their Body Language


Sometimes it’s hard to know what your date is feeling. Do they find me attractive? Am I being interesting enough? Are they following this conversation? Are they bored of me? All of these questions can run through your head whether you're going on the first or 20th date. But, there is a secret code that will tell you exactly how the other person is feeling… body language. This is something that the other person won’t even realise they are doing, so can’t hide. Become a dating guru, by following me into the wonderful world of dating body language.


Folded Arms


Ice, Ice Baby! A person who sits with their arms folded across their body are usually being defensive and guarded. You are either bringing up a touchy subject for them, or they are closing themselves off to you. In the initial dating stages, this can be common, as people have their protective guards up. However, if they sit like this through most of the date, then you may as well be talking to the wall… they aren't opening up.  


Fully Open, Relaxed Arms


This person is telling you the complete opposite of the one above. They have nothing to hide, are open, and ready to welcome you into their life. People like this are often very easy to talk to, and more often than not, honest. This is the kind of person you should be inviting to date number 2, they are into you!


Touching Their Face


This is a difficult one, but usually if someone is touching their face an unusual amount, it may mean they are feeling anxious and uncomfortable. People tend to fidget a lot if they are shy or in an uncomfortable situation, and touching their own face shows they are searching for some kind of comfort. But don't throw in the towel just yet! This may just be because of the first date jitters, and it may go away towards the end of the date.  


Exposed Wrist


If your crush exposes their wrist to you, it means they trust and feel comfortable around you. A person’s wrist is a very sensitive and vulnerable area, so if you see that flash of skin, you’re in! If you really like them too, you may want to mirror their body language and show them you can be vulnerable too.


Twirling Their Hair


This is a bit of a confusing one, as it also depends where this person is looking. If your date is sitting there twirling their hair, whilst smiling and looking into your eyes, then they are full on flirting with you. However, and this is a biggie, if they are twirling their hair and looking away from you, then they are in a dream land. They are uninterested by you and whatever you are saying, and aren't afraid to let you know it.


Feet Pointing Towards You


Girls, we all know how to judge a man by the size of his feet, but do we know how to judge him by the position? If your date is pointing their feet towards you, it means they are really into you. Think about it… it’s like magnets, they are pulled towards whatever they are attracted to. You have your date’s undivided attention, so get your game face on.


Dilated pupils


Well, this one is just pure science. A girl looks at a cute little puppy in a store, her pupils dilate. A guy looks at an ice cold beer and a nice juicy steak, his pupils dilate. This is one piece of body language that no-one can hide. If their pupils dilate when they look at you, then they think you’re hot stuff.