Close your eyes and imagine your ‘happy place’. Is it stuck behind a desk, or is it on an exotic beach or eating a croissant by the Eiffel Tower. We spend over half our waking hours working for The Man, so we may as well get them to pay us to work somewhere truly exciting!

English Teacher

It doesn’t matter whether English was your favourite subject in school or your least, as long as you are a native English speaker then you will be in high demand as an English as a Second Language teacher. To get the best jobs (highest salary and in-demand locations), you might want to consider taking a specialized course to help you stand out from the pack. 

Pilot and flight attendant

There is nothing like that flutter of excitement as you land in a new city. Well imagine if you got that feeling at work every single day. Often, pilots and flight attendants start off working on domestic legs until they build up the experience needed to get those cherished long haul flights. Yes, you might have to deal with annoying passengers and flight delays, but that is a small price to pay for literally getting paid to travel. 

Construction manager

Huh? Construction manager… aren’t you just on a building site all day? Well, yes but if you work for an international company then you might get relocated for a few months to oversee a new project. Even if you don’t have the right qualifications, make sure you check out construction companies as they often need support staff to relocate as well.

Government employee

Whether you are an international spy, diplomat, or someone working at the passport office, one of the best ways to travel is through a Government position. The Government has diplomatic posts in most countries around the world and these positions let you work and interact with foreign governments and international organizations every day. These jobs are always advertised on the Federal Government website so make sure you have it bookmarked in your web browser.

International hotel chain

Whether you are a bartender, concierge or housekeeper, international hotel chains are a great way to start your international career. Hotels like Hilton, or Intercontinental are all over the world and you can easily transfer between their locations once you have a foot in the (hotel) door!

Web design

Another great way to see the world is by working remotely and there is no better career path for this than web design. By working entirely online, the only thing you will need is a good internet connection and you are away! Imagine having your ‘office’ in a hammock on the beach, or in a trendy Tokyo café… living the dream!


You’ve seen Indiana Jones so you are bound to have noticed that he was always travelling to exotic locations on the quest for new archaeological discoveries – well, that could be you! Getting to this stage will take a lot of hard work – you will need a Master’s degree in either archaeology or anthropology as well as some field work experience. 

Sports recruiter

Do you know everything there is to know about baseball or football? As a sports recruiter, you will need to travel around the country to scout for up-and-coming talent. Look for jobs with colleges and professional sporting organizations and you could be lucky enough to spot the next big name in sport!

International Aid

While you might not be travelling to Paris or Sydney, as an international aid worker you will often be in remote or disaster-stuck regions making a positive contribution to communities around the world. If travelling for a purpose strikes a chord with you then this is the career path for you. Try looking for positions with international organizations like the Red Cross, Save the Children, or even the Peace Corps, and know that you are starting a truly memorable career.