How do I provide a good review?

Providing good feedback is the lifeblood of this community and we have very high standards of the recommendations provided here

Be respectful
It's very important that recommendations are respectful and thoughtful. We're a welcoming community and the nature of the content here is deeply human, and in spite of the near-anonymity, it's important to remember that the content is a proxy for a real human being. If you don't have anything nice to say, we implore you to refrain from saying anything at all. If you absolutely must register displeasure, you can use our star-rating system to indicate that something is amiss. No form of uncivil behavior or comment is welcome and will not be tolerated

Be as precise as possible
A good review should highlight specific concerns or areas for improvement in a profile, whether it's the length of the text of a specific section, or  specific spelling mistakes, or specific grammatical errors and so forth. Be able to refer to a specific portion of a profile when providing recommendations. Ideally, a great review will highlight multiple problem areas in a profile, without getting nitpicky or overly critical of minor or insignificant bugs in a profile

Review profiles that speak to you    
Try to stick to reviewing profiles that you're "qualified" for. What this means is that for example, if a dating profile says that the author is a hipster, looking to date another hipster, but you're not of the hipster persuasion, you're probably not "qualified" to review that profile and your recommendation is not representative of the kind of person that the author is looking to attract. 

Avoid reiterating what another review has said on the same profile 
Pointing out the same issues that another reviewer has stated before you, on the same profile, is counter-productive and would only serve to confuse and possibly annoy the profile owner. A good review should either highlight new, real issues or give a new point of view that hasn't been previously expressed

Be Respectful 
We can't stress this enough