Frequently Asked Questions

This community is designed to give objective (or as close to it as possible) feedback on a submitted online profile.  In 3 steps, you can get constructive feedback about your profile to help you either make amendments, or if everything is in order, proceed to use your profile with confidence

  1. Post your profile by filling one of our templates. 
  2. Get feedback from the community. Our community is made of people, real, honest-to-goodness hu-mans, who can tell you what they think of your profile and any advice they may have about improving it
  3. Select the feedback you appreciate the most. This is a good way to give feedback to your reviewer and also reward them for their advice. You could also vote their recommendation as helpful (or unhelpful if you're so inclined)

We're glad you asked:

  • We don't collect unnecessary information - we highly encourage the use of pseudonyms and handles. Get creative!
  • Your interaction with the site is secured with industry-standard mechanisms like SSL
  • We try to minimize the display of names of our profile submitters wherever possible. Unfortunately, commenting still requires names, to avoid confusion, but we're working on eliminating that too
  • Your picture albums are yours to control, with password protection. Share your album password with reviewers you trust, via their contact forms and if you change your mind about sharing, just c change the password! 

Providing good feedback is the lifeblood of this community and we have very high standards of the recommendations provided here

Be respectful
It's very important that recommendations are respectful and thoughtful. We're a welcoming community and the nature of the content here is deeply human, and in spite of the near-anonymity, it's important to remember that the content is a proxy for a real human being. If you don't have anything nice to say, we implore you to refrain from saying anything at all. If you absolutely must register displeasure, you can use our star-rating system to indicate that something is amiss. No form of uncivil behavior or comment is welcome and will not be tolerated

Be as precise as possible
A good review should highlight specific concerns or areas for improvement in a profile, whether it's the length of the text of a specific section, or  specific spelling mistakes, or specific grammatical errors and so forth. Be able to refer to a specific portion of a profile when providing recommendations. Ideally, a great review will highlight multiple problem areas in a profile, without getting nitpicky or overly critical of minor or insignificant bugs in a profile

Review profiles that speak to you    
Try to stick to reviewing profiles that you're "qualified" for. What this means is that for example, if a dating profile says that the author is a hipster, looking to date another hipster, but you're not of the hipster persuasion, you're probably not "qualified" to review that profile and your recommendation is not representative of the kind of person that the author is looking to attract. 

Avoid reiterating what another review has said on the same profile 
Pointing out the same issues that another reviewer has stated before you, on the same profile, is counter-productive and would only serve to confuse and possibly annoy the profile owner. A good review should either highlight new, real issues or give a new point of view that hasn't been previously expressed

Be Respectful 
We can't stress this enough

We ask that our reviewers connect with us on social media, as a rough estimate of their suitability as reviewers on this platform. We need to do this to ensure that everyone that registers on BetterProfile is a good fit, and to maintain a high quality of well-reasoned, constructive and helpful feedback. We know it's an inconvenience, but we promise, it's for the best :)

Reputation points are a reward system that helps keep our site humming. Rep points help to distinguish great reviews from good reviews and even worse reviews. We need profile submitters and reviewers to vote on recommendations to :

  1.  Ensure that the profile submitter is getting good, reasonable recommendations
  2.  Reward good reviewers for their effort, and correct bad reviewers for posting harmful or otherwise incorrect recommendations
  3.  Set a good example for new reviewers, on what a good recommendation looks like

High rep reviewers get promoted to moderators, to help keep the site content clean and on-message. The following actions provide the respective amount of points (to the author of the content):

  • Voting up a recommendation  +5 points to the author, +1 point to the voter
  • Voting down a recommendation -2 points to the author, -1 point to the voter
  • Selecting a profile recommendation as best +20 points

Conversely, reversal of any vote results in a reversal of the rep points assigned as a result of the earlier vote

You can find your pictures under you user account page, under the "Albums" tab. 

See also: How to change your album password

All albums are not password protected by default. To protect your album, you have to set a new password after creating the album:

  1. Visit your album page, under your user account
  2. "Edit" the album
  3. Scroll down to find the "Password protect this Album" tab and set a new password
Send this password to reviewers that you trust by using their personal contact form (you'll find a link to the contact form at the bottom of any review posted by that reviewer)

If you choose to delete your account, the site assumes ownership of the content you've posted. What this means is that your now-deleted profile is no longer associated with anything you posted while you were a member. Your account on the other hand, is gone.